2004 Toyota Camry Suspension Strut and Coil Spring Assembly - Front Left Monroe

  • Engineered to get more miles from your vehicle, the RoadMatic® strut assembly includes all required components in a single unit. It meets OE specifications and reduces installation time, eliminating the need for a spring compressor.
This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
4851009Q40, 4851080108, 4851080115, 4851080117, 4851080118, 4851080163, 4851080165, 48510A9350, 48510A9370, 48510A9380, 48510A9390, 48510A9400, 48510A9620, 48510A9730, 48510A9740, 4852009J90, 4852039545, 4852039555, 4852039565, 4852039595, 4852039735, 4852080013, 48520A9210, 48520A9230, 48520A9240, 48520A9250, 48520A9260, 48520A9330, 48520A9400, 48520A9410, 48520A9420, 4853009M40, 4853039885, 4853039895, 4853080111, 4853080196, 4853080238, 48530A9190, 48530A9220, 48530A9230, 48530A9240, 48530A9250, 48530A9410, 48530A9590, 48530A9600, 48530A9610, 4854009780, 4854039465, 4854039475, 4854039485, 4854039635, 4854039645, 48540A9120, 48540A9130, 48540A9140, 48540A9170, 48540A9180, 48540A9220, 48540A9250, 48540A9260, 48540A9270, 48540A9280, 48540A9290, G57076

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2004 Toyota Camry Front Left
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Brand Monroe
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  • RoadMatic Suspension Strut and Coil Spring Assembly
  • For Commercial Usage Refer To Product Warranty Includes Strut, Strut Mount and Coil Spring
  • Monroe Shocks & Struts RoadMatic 182206 Suspension Strut and Coil Spring Assembly
  • Monroe RoadMatic Complete Strut Assembly
  • Monroe Shocks and Struts. Monroe Brakes.
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    1. Scott
      08 Mar, 2015
      Great part, but make sure to pay attention to the way the old ones were mounted. There are notches in the lower spring support that are needed to clear the other suspension parts.
    2. Kindle Customer
      07 Jan, 2015
      Excellent replacement shocks for my 2012 Sivlerado 1500, 4x4, extended cab. Slightly better ride and handling than OEM and with power tools you can change out these quick struts in the driveway in under and hour.
    3. A. Jackson Jr
      14 Nov, 2014
      This Monroe front strut and coil assemble is awesome! Before, I was just going to buy some shocks and springs, to replace the aftermarket coils, and take them to an auto garage for them to install on my 2010 GMC Sierra 1500. But after some YT research and checking online with AutoPartsWAY, I found these complete strut/coil spring assemblies for about $130 apiece! Best of all I did all the work myself and saved over $200.It was real simple; remove the 3 nuts on the top of the strut, with wheels off, jack up and support the vehicle, remove the 2 bolts on the bottom of the shock and the bolt that holds the stabilizer bar to the lower control arm, remove the complete strut/coil assemble. Install the new strut/coil spring assemble in reverse order, torque all bolts to proper specsDone!
    4. carlo a cofrancisco
      23 Aug, 2014
      great price and fit perfict
    5. Mo
      27 Jun, 2014
      Followed DIY utube videos and it was easy to install, no problems just make sure you have some penetrating oil for the hard to loosen bolts. My 2000 Monte Carlo has over 205,000 miles and it was first time replacing all four struts.
    6. contagiousjeff
      11 Apr, 2014
      Great ride quality. Almost returned it though because the mounting plate was incorrectly lined up at the factory. Driver side went in without a hitch, so I assumed this would too. Before I returned it I realized the instructions said I may have to rotate the top plate to mount it correctly. I had to go get a spring compressor (avoidance of which was the primary reason for ordering quickstruts in the first place) in order to accomplish this task. Still, new skill unlocked, and the product is awesome. Just be aware that it may come from the factory with adjustment to the proper installation angle required.
    7. D. Drummond
      30 Jan, 2014
      Just for reference, in the past, I worked as an auto-tech, and among other things was ASE Certified in front end work. As such, I of course replaced thousands of front end parts, one of the most common being struts. Springs often don't get replaced by the customer, unless there is some indication of damage or sagging in the springs. That being the case, we most often had to disassemble the spring/strut assembly, which took more time (i.e. more cost) and added some more risk which required more precaution because you have to compress the spring with tools to change out the struts. To do that, you really need to have a secure bench you can secure the strut in, and often an air ratchet to break the nut on the top center of the strut.Since that time, I've done quite a few in my driveway as well. It's not that complicated of a job, well within the capabilities of a well prepared do-it-yourselfer. The process is fairly simple, and mostly the same for almost every vehicle, with...
    8. Eric Ball
      03 Jan, 2014
      Bolted right onto my 2000 Civic. Just had to unbolt the lower control arm from the trailing arm before removing the bolt that holds the strut to the lower control arm. Then, after installing the new strut, a jack had to be used to compress the strut just enough to re-attach the lower control arm to the trailing arm.
    9. Stephen M Bearden
      21 Oct, 2013
      Doing a complete restore on a 2002 Monte Carlo & installed a full set of these. The car now sits a full 2" higher all the way around & rides a tad stiffer but is WAY better on bumpy roads & also makes the car feel better planted on our curvy mountain roads.
    10. Zen Thai
      16 Sep, 2013
      Easy to install and works as advertise. We put this bad boy into the car within an hour and I'm not a car person. You can look up instructions on youtube if you don't know what you're doing. We can immediately feel the smoother ride with this thing on. It just works.
    11. aeroengr
      21 May, 2013
      This complete strut assembly was just as described - quick and easy. Perfect match to our 1998 Camry. Total job for both struts was less than 2 hours, most of the time was spent jacking and securing the car. The struts improved the ride, its height, and removed the rattling noise that drove us crazy.Monroe video provided me the confidence that I could do the job myself. Saved over $600 from not having the work done at a local garage.Primary thing missing was the reference sheet of torque settings for key bolts connecting the asssemblt to the car. A separate sheet of paper is referenced in the instuctions, but it was not in either package. A thourgh look through the Monroe website and the multiple interent queries did not reveal the recommeded values.
    12. drdipstick
      14 May, 2013
      I installed these strut assemblies as OE replacements/upgrades on a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan with 135,000 miles. Very easy to install. Great ride improvement. I also installed new rear shocks at the same time for a total ride upgrade. Once I had van supported and wheels off, installation took about 30 minutes per side. Install strut brackets on spindles in same location as OE's that you remove. I marked location by spraying white paint on bracket and spindle before removal. Front end alignment was nearly perfect when checked after install. Great fit and quality product.
    13. Felix Dominguez
      06 Feb, 2013
      If you've been a backyard mechanic most of your life, you've probably had to replace the struts on a car once or twice. You've also, probably bought the spring and shocks separately and used a manual spring compressor. Don't do that anymore. Just buy it all put together. It took me and a friend 45 minutes to replace the front struts.
    14. Fred E Strokes
      05 Jan, 2013
      I am no mechanic but this was easy to install on my 2000 Ford Escort. The front struts were particularly easy but the problem with the back was that it was just a bit harder to get to. Didn't not use any air compressed tools. Just a torque wrench and some muscle. Front and back fully installed by myself.
    15. S. Hawthorne
      26 Nov, 2012
      I bought these after doing some price comparison at a local auto parts store. For what they were asking for both the right and left strut, I was able to but both through AutoPartsWAY for far less than a local store. Granted, at the store, I get it right away, but through AutoPartsWAY it's about saving money. I have smooth ride again and they were on in a matter of hours. These things are one whole unit, no need to buy separate tools or other parts. You can't go wrong with these.
    16. mark
      07 Sep, 2012
      My 1999 Plymouth Breeze had a rattling noise over bumps during normal driving conditions. Found that the left rear shock was faulty. Checked around for parts and found this product from monroe with the best pricing. Also wanted a shock with the coil spring and suspension strut together for easy installation. This is the way to go. Took 30 minutes to install.
    17. J. E. Booker
      19 Aug, 2012
      These are great struts, easy to install and the corrrect fit IF you research the numbers elsewhere. DO NOT TRUST the AutoPartsWAY finder. Go through a reputible automotive site which sells them to get the CORRECT part number. I love AutoPartsWAY...but their vehicle application search engine is terrible.
    18. J. Jensen
      01 Jul, 2012
      Great product. Monroe makes this one of the easiest fixes to a car. Will definitely do this again when needed.
    19. iowa bird "craig"
      17 Apr, 2012
      Installed a pair of these quick struts 17169R/L to the front of my 2001 Honda Accord Coupe w/181,000 miles, I'm a shade tree mechanic if that... but these went on pretty easy,saved $200.00 by doing myself(and another pair of hands)..it raised the front by 3" to 4" ... rides smooth now.. these will put your car back to a normal ride.. not for drifing or racing performance...be sure to check your upper and lower ball joints,motor mounts and other bushings while your doing this install.. I also bleed my brakes(4) while I was there...I'm going to order two monroe's for the rear of the car..then will get a alignment to finish up.. go to youtube for advice and videos on how to install,(Eric the car guy is good)... its a good tool before you start...total job took about 1 1/2 hours in a driveway... thinking of replacing whole suspension system for under $220.00 and thats with CV axles,ball joints,sway bars,control bars,and bushings..found a kit with all parts in it...HONDA ACCORD...
    20. Ray
      22 Mar, 2012
      Installed Quick-struts on all fours corners of my 2000 Honda Accord LXV6 4dr with 167000 miles on it and it was surprisingly easy! If you've ever replaced a shock absorber you can install these.The dust boot on one of the rear struts was not attached at the top and I could not reattach it. The overall quality of the strut isn't as good as the original Honda in that the dust boot on the Honda is securely attached at both the top and bottom but on the quick strut it is (or is suppose to be) only attached to the top. It is loose at the bottom. The strut body seems to be built of a thinner material too but not enough to be concerned about.The dust boot is not designed to be attached at the bottom on either the original Honda struts or the new Monroe struts on the FRONT struts. It is only attached at the top.One thing I looked all over the internet for was some idea of what the ride height should be for the Honda Accord but I couldn't find it. It isn't...
    21. thekingofchina
      27 Feb, 2012
      The Monroe Quick-Strut assembly is one of the most convenient and innovative products available. This strut installs vey quickly and provides a perfectly smooth ride once installation is complete. This strut installs EXACTLY the same as the original on my 97 Camry 2.2L . This is one of the best car maintenance parts available and the AutoPartsWAY price is at least half the price of local part suppliers.
    22. joe
      14 Dec, 2011
      I installed this quick strut in our Chrysler Town & Country minivan. The installation was straightforward. There are 3 bolts on top and two large bolts (pinch bolts) attaching the strut to the wheel. The hardest part of the install was removing the sway bar end link.there is a YouTube video of the installation process which is very solid.The strut has been installed for several weeks now and seems to have a much better ride than stock (100k miles).
    23. Jeremy Roe
      11 Nov, 2011
      I'm an IT guy who has only done light projects like oil change/spark plugs. With the gracious help of a friend we did the back two in four hours. I can't believe with the tools we did this under 300$. I strongly recommend the ford escort forums if you have an escort and can see this taking a day with jack, jack stands and other tools. this saved me at least 400$. thank you AutoPartsWAY!
    24. G. Book "Biomedical engineer"
      09 Jul, 2011
      I bought this model because AutoPartsWAY said it would fit a 2002 Toyota Camry 4-cyl LE. It doesn't :( It took two hours to get the old strut assembly out of the car only to find out the replacement one doesn't fit. Then another hour to put my original strut assembly back in. I've search many other websites and no one carries a front Quick Strut for a 2002 Camry, so I'm doubting that Monroe makes one at all. Other than the fact that it doesn't fit, it seems like a great product.
    25. Joe Bates
      29 May, 2011
      Monroe Quick Struts Installation for a 2008 Camry with V-6 3.0 engine. May 2011.I have owned the 2008 Camry since it was new. After 203,000 miles the car had developed a lot of suspension creeks and noises when I was driving at low speed over any rough surface or lately when I was turning the car at low speed in the parking lot. The noise was coming from the strut mounts. Since I have teenagers, I wanted to fix the suspension to make the car safer and drive better. Estimates from several garages to replace all four struts ranged from over $1000 to 1700. Parts ordered from AutoPartsWAY with shipping and tax for four Monroe QuickStruts ran $660Equipment needed: Wheel lug nut wrench, wheel chocks, car floor jack, jack stands, assorted 3/8 inch drive metric socket set, ½ in drive 24 mm socket (for the fronts) and 19 mm socket (for the rears), extension set for the sockets, ½ inch torque wrench, metric Allen wrench for removing the suspension stabilizer nut, long...
    26. Walt
      16 May, 2011
      Please note to all minivan owners...this is not rated for Minivan Gross Vehicle Weight and are only for passenger cars. The #271670 is made with a larger spring to support the weight. This has been verified through Monroe. I had to return mine after having one removed and finally noting this through the manufacturer. Aaron
    27. bk
      05 Feb, 2011
      Excellent struts. I put this in a '03 Dodge Neon with ~140k miles on it. Car rides better, feels smoother, firmed up the ride and were easy to install. Also brought the front end up a little as the OEM one were worn out.
    28. Gregory Osborne
      29 Jul, 2010
      Excellent product. I am a shade tree mechanic - seriously - I have no garage - just a shade tree. Purchased both the Monroe 171691L and 171691R. Able to install left and right quick strut assemlby with relative ease. If you enjoy getting your hands dirty - then go ahead and purchase this product. Quality of product is excellent. No local auto parts store could beat price from AutoPartsWAY - shop around and you can't beat super saver shipping. Installed on a '98 Accord, left strut was shot. Car almost rides new again. Be sure to have car alignment checked after you finish. Also, check the front brakes while you have the wheel off - I went ahead and replaced mine. So, I have fresh brakes and struts. Beautiful!
    29. George L. Avet "laser maniac"
      21 Jul, 2010
      This is abosolutely the way to go 5 nuts and 45 minutes per wheel you return the front suspension to new....Savings for front end with me doing the work 200
    30. PatB "DIYer"
      06 Mar, 2010
      I bought 171572 L & R. For DIYers, the quick strut makes sense unless you have a spring compression tool. And even if you do, its dangerous. With not much more than the tools I need to do most work on my '01 Dodge Grand Caravan, I changed both struts in about 3 hours. The only thing I didn't like was that my original struts have round holes for two straight strut-to-steering knuckle bolts. These Monroe struts require one straight bolt and one cam bolt. Though I try to do my own work to reduce expense, I now have to take the van for an alignment as the toe-in/out needs to be shop adjusted. Otherwise, at $125 each, that's less than 1/2 the parts & labor cost quoted by my local garage.
    31. Bill Erzar
      06 Jan, 2009
      Product arrived in excellent condition, Jacked and blocked up vehicle, removed front wheels. Removed brake caliper and wired up out of the way, removed 15 mm nuts from upper mount on top of inner fender under the hood. Removed 21 mm nuts and drove out the bolts from the lower suspension with the hammer and punch. Removed the old strut assembly (DO NOT TAKE APART, under Severe Spring Tension)!! Make sure lower suspension arm doesn't drop too far when removing the old strut and be careful of the brake line, brake hose and ABS sensor and wiring. Install new quick strut assembly per the instructions that comes with them, top first, then lower end. May need to move lower suspension up or down to align strut to get the lower mounting bolts in. Use alignment punch in one of the two holes to get one bolt in (use caution and don't flatten bolt threads), then put the second bolt in. Tighten bolts and torque the nuts. Tools need are floor jack, safety jack stands or...