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Bendix has a long list of major product contributions in the automotive industry as well as aviation, aerospace and transportation industries for nearly a century. With brakes on cars, buses, trucks, trailers, airplanes, golf carts, farm and construction equipment, and bicycles, Bendix is one of the well known brand names in the automotive industry. With decades of experience, Bendix continues their tradition of releasing new brake technologies and brake products including some of the most sought after brake pads.
The Bendix line-up of brake products include brake pads, brake shoes, brake drums and rotors, and a number of hydraulic brake components like brake master cylinders, brake calipers, brake hoses and other things like brake cables and wheel cylinders. Their best known brake pads include the Bendix CT-3 series brake pads and the Bendix CQ brake pads, both premium replacement options for your next brake job.

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