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Abs Speed Sensor in Canada

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In order to understand what your Abs Speed Sensor is you should first know what ABS stands for. ABS is an acronym for Anti-Lock Braking Systems. This is something that is found on most new model vehicles and basically controls the vehicle's breaking ability when there is a lack of traction.

The Abs Speed Sensors are located on the wheel hubs of your car and monitor the rotation of each wheel. If the sensors find a lack of traction or a difference in rotation from one wheel to another the ABS system will override the manual braking system.

When you hit your breaks normally, the pressure you put on the brake pedal compresses fluid in the brake line which slows your wheels to a gradual stop. If you have no traction the Abs Speed Sensors will kick in and override your brake system. This basically means that the ABS will apply the brakes faster than any human possibly could.

You know your Abs Speed Sensors have activated the ABS when you feel a pulsating in your brake pedal and often times you will hear a grinding noise as well. This just means that the ABS has engaged on the vehicle and is working to bring your car to a stop when on slippery roads.