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Ball Joint in Canada

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Every vehicle on the road has a flexible joint that connects the suspension control to the steering knuckle. This is called the Ball Joint. The steering knuckle allows the wheel to turn left and right while preventing it from moving up and down. This is a part of your front suspension. Most cars will have one or two Ball Joints for each front wheel.

Ball Joints are important and when they are deteriorating, you vehicle will be unsafe to drive. When they are badly worn you could unexpectedly lose control of your car. One sign that one of your Ball Joint is bad might be a knocking noise coming from the front end of your car. It may be exceptionally loud when going over bumps or making sharp turns.

You should pay attention to that knocking sound. Over time the lubrication on the Ball Joint will dry up and water and other contaminants will get into the housing. This erodes your Ball Joint and can cause your wheel to quickly start trying to go its own direction and lead you right into a terrible accident.

You should have your vehicle checked at least once a year in a garage where it can be put on a lift. This way they can check the suspension completely as well as the brakes and other components.