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Crank Position Sensor in Canada

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The Crank Position Sensor basically tells the computer in your car the position and/or speed of an engine as it is rotating. It measures the rotation speed and location of the crankshaft. It allows your car to spark and fuel correctly. Your Crank Position Sensor is located on different parts of the engine depending upon the model of your vehicle.

Most vehicles today have an Engine Management System (EMS). The Crank Position Sensor communicates with the EMS. The computer needs this communication to calculate and perform diagnostics.

If you are having intermittent starting issues this could be caused by a faulty position sensor. This happens due to lose connections, bad grounds, high resistance in the circuit, or openings in the circuit.

Keeping the Crank Position Sensor in good working condition is crucial to keeping your car running. It allows the pistons to fire when they are supposed to and it keeps the computer to keep everything else running as it should.

As the sensor is located in different parts of the engine depending upon the car you own, repairs could be very simple or very complex. Contact a trained mechanic in order to find out where the sensor is on your particular vehicle.