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Shocks And Struts in Canada

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The shocks & struts play a very important role in the suspension system. They basically keep the tires firmly planted to the road whenever you accelerate, stop, turn or hit a bump in the road. Your shocks & struts also help to absorb road shock, noise and vibration.

Shocks & struts do wear out and need replacing. Typically they should be inspected and replaced every 50,000 miles. Check your owners manual for specifics regarding you particular vehicle.

There are some signs you can look out for in order to determine that your shocks & struts need replacing and are malfunctioning. For example, when you accelerate or stop, your car may dip or pitch. When you go around a corner and your car experiences excessive body rolling, or if your tires bounce, hop or lose contact with the road when you hit a bump your shocks & struts may need to be replaced.

Another more obvious sign is leakage. Shocks & struts have fluid inside of them and their seals may leak with wear. Look for streaks of fluid resembling tears on the outside of your shocks & struts. This is a sure sign that there is leakage and it is time to replace them.