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You jump in your car and put the key in the ignition. You turn the key and here that always dreaded clicking sound. Or you start hearing this high pitch whining noise. It could be that your Starter is not working properly. In order to be sure, you should check few simple things first.

Check to make sure the problem is not your battery. You can do this by turning on your headlights and then trying to start the car. If your headlights go dim it may mean your battery is low. If the lights shine brightly and no changes occur, this could mean that your Starter is not getting the voltage it needs to start your car.

Starters tend to heat up rapidly, so it is a good idea to allow the Starter to cool down a few minutes before trying turn the key in the ignition again. It is ALWAYS a bad idea to continually try to start the car over and over. This can cause serious damage to the Starter.

If you do hear a high pitch whining noise it could mean that the Starter is misaligned. In this case you should check the nuts and bolts to make sure they have not loosened due to vibrations.