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Tail Light Assembly in Canada

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The Tail Light Assembly includes a group of lighting systems that is mounted on the rear of the vehicle. This group includes signal lights, hazard lights, reverse lights, parking lights, and brake lights.

The signal lights or turning lights are an important part of your Tail Light Assembly. Turn lights are specifically colored yellow and used to indicate the driver is turning left or right. The turn lights are also used when you use your emergency flashers.

The reverse lights in your Tail Light Assembly indicate that your car is backing up. These lights automatically turn on when you put shift into reverse. These particular lights have the highest illumination on the light assembly.

The parking light is also used as a brake light. The brake lights automatically turn on when you hit the brake pedal in your car. When you turn on your headlights the rear parking lights turn on as well in order to illuminate the rear of the car at night. This allows other drivers to see you in the dark.

Each light in your Tail Light Assembly is crucial in order to indicate to other drivers what you intend to do.