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Water Pump in Canada

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The Water Pump shoots coolant through the cooling system. It is driven by a belt and only does its job when the car is running. It circulates coolant between the engine and the radiator and prevents the car from overheating.

Your Water Pump draws cooled liquid from the radiator into the engine and circulates through the combustion chambers in the cylinder. The now hot liquid then returns to the radiator to cool down.

Water Pumps can fail and begin to leak. If you notice liquid dripping from under your car it could be that your Water Pump needs to be replaced. You shouldn't ignore this warning. If your pump fails to do its job, your car will overheat. When your engine overheats it can cause irreparable damage.

Remember your engine is mechanical and in order to run efficiently it needs to be lubricated and cooled. This is the reason that oil and pump are so crucial. No oil will cause major damage just as severe as a failed Water Pump can cause.

If you suspect that your car is running hotter than usual or you see a leak under your car, get to a mechanic and have it checked out.