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Wiper Blade in Canada

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Your Wiper Blade is rarely thought about until you find yourself driving during inclement weather. You turn on your windshield wipers only to find that your blades are worn or cracked and only smear your windshield. This is when you think about your Wiper Blades.

Generally speaking Wiper Blades should be replaced every 6 months. As Wiper Blades are made of rubber they are subject to crack or harden due to normal exposure to the sun and other elements of weather. Also driving in industrial areas can cause chemicals on the road to splash up and eat away at the rubber. The road salt that is used during the winter months really wreaks havoc on your Wiper Blade rubber.

Although they seem like such a small insignificant auto part, when the rain or snow begins to fall, it is your windshield wiper that allows you to reach your destinations safely. Without these small rubber blades it would be impossible to drive our vehicles during inclement weather.

Wiper Blades are very specific to the make and model of car you are driving. As windshields are shaped slightly differently on different cars so must the Wiper Blades. Check your owners manual to find out what size of the blade is right for your vehicle.